The most beautiful Pomodoro Timer
Using the classic 25/5/15 minutes

Beautiful UI

Don't let its minimalist design trick you, Pamidor has a unique way of displaying the time left using the whole interface color, changing from the work mode to the rest mode.

You'll see how your Pamidor becomes fully green during your work time. At that moment you'll take a break while the green disappears slowly.

Integrated with your menu bar

Pamidor is beautifully crafted but hey, this is to make you productive. You can't be staring at a cute UI during the whole day, so you can close it and the timer will keep working in your Menu Bar. You even can check the time left hovering over the icon!


Get a notification at the end of every period with a different style each time.

Available now for Mac.

Coming soon for Windows and Linux

( Made with Carrd )